Episode 13: Offshore Renewable Energy Opportunities for Wales and the South West

The UK has enough natural resources of offshore renewables to provide all the country’s energy requirements, including transport and heating, with spare for export to Europe. Key to capturing this opportunity will be the development of coastal communities and local UK supply chains for all phases of the project life cycle.

At the ORE Catapult, we are at the heart of this energy revolution and growth. We are already working with established UK companies in these regions with a vision to catalyse clusters of activity with world-renowned expertise up and down our coast. Today we are focusing on the opportunities that are available in Wales and the South-West.

This month’s episode is hosted by Fiona Smyth, Graduate Marketing and Communications Executive for ORE Catapult, and includes the guests:

  • Chris Williams, Commercial Manager, Bombora Wave Power
  • Simon Cheeseman, Wave and Tidal Energy Sector Lead, ORE Catapult
  • Magnus Harrold, Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence Innovation Manager, ORE Catapult