Her Arloesi

Innovation Challenge – Tracking underwater species behaviour and movements in and around tidal stream turbines.

Challenger: This challenge is sponsored by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

Cefndir: Whilst very few collisions have ever been recorded between underwater species (birds, mammals or fish) and tidal turbine blades, still not enough is known about these interactions. The consenting and licensing processes for installation of tidal stream projects are, as a result, onerous and currently represent a major barrier to commercialisation. Prior to consenting, project developers must collect a large amount of baseline data on abundances and behaviours, which is time consuming and expensive. Post deployment observations must continue to ensure that the devices are not damaging their environment.

The Challenge:  This challenge is two-fold – we need to gather data more efficiently, and we need to gather better data. The data we gather must allow us to understand the species’ behaviour better – if they avoid blade impacts, then why and how? If they leave the area, where do they go? How far away from the turbine is their behaviour altered, and what is the impact of that?

Technology Scope:  This is a broad challenge, and innovations could come from a range of technology areas. While not wanting to limit the scope in any way, is expected that solutions would involve innovations in some of the following areas:
Synwyryddion a dyfeisiau electronig (gan gynnwys batri neu systemau storio ynni eraill).
Prosesu data a delweddau.
Roboteg a systemau awtonomaidd.

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Amserlen yr Her

  • Lansio’r Gystadleuaeth: 16eg Mehefin 2021
  • Dyddiad cau ar gyfer cyflwyno ceisiadau: 11eg Awst 2021
  • Dewis a hysbysu arloesi llwyddiannus: 8eg September 2021.

Please email your response to: meece@ore.catapult.org.uk